Reuse and Recycle: How to Build a Sustainable and Scalable Content Creation Strategy

How can you build a content creation process that won’t break the bank? Marketers regularly cite a lack of time/resources as one of their biggest hurdles to content creation. But creating good content doesn’t have to cost a ton of time or resources. Every single piece of content your brand creates can serve you consistently for years if you can optimize, improve, re-share, re-publish, or remix it into new formats for fresh opportunities. Attend this session led by LinkedIn’s Purna Virji to learn actionable tips for developing and distributing content that will drive real results.

Takeaways include: discover a simple process for finding hidden gems within your existing content, learn how to strategically recycle hit content so it can serve you consistently for years on end and leave with a content strategy plan on a page to help you turn ideas into action.