Why Your Reputation And Credibility Is Essential To Driving Conversions (And How To Boost Them)

If your target market don’t see you as credible, no amount of marketing or advertising is going to work.

But how do you actively build your brands’ credibility without it costing you a fortune? And how do you know what your users need to see to feel comfortable buying from you?

Digital communications consultant, Aisha (aka Skippy) will be joining us to break credibility down for us. She’ll tackle questions like:

How do I tell what my website users are thinking? What types of credibility are there? How do I know what to write or put on my website to make people want my stuff?

You’ll leave with lots of practical tools and tips you can try out straight away, along with a checklist you can use to assess your own website to see how you’re currently performing and find areas to improve.