One Tweet Away From The Sack

People go on social media to chat, watch cat videos, and post pictures of brunch. They don’t go on to read adverts, which is a real shame for people who write tweets for a living. To get around this, innocent drinks have developed a cunning strategy: Not Advertising Smoothies™. Turns out Not Advertising Smoothies™ actually sells more smoothies than Advertising Smoothies and they’ve got a graph to prove it.

In this talk, John from innocent will chat about the power of nonsense, how to give your social media a purpose beyond advertising, and why personality trumps tone of voice. He’ll then completely undermine himself because their most successful tweet is actually a shameless advert featuring four separate product messages.

He’ll also cover some of the many tweets that have nearly got them sacked, and why tweeting in the shadow of a P45 is worth the risk. If you’re lucky he might even show you that graph. It’s a belter.