Digital Experience Optimisation: Leveraging Data Led Decision Making

Do you find it hard to measure success in your digital analytics? This talk from Molly Evans will discuss the concept of maturity models and how to use them to assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy so that you can identify what works and understand where to make improvements.

Using case studies and examples from both eCommerce and B2B, Molly’s session will explore the four major pillars of digital analytics:

  • Measurability – technical implementation for good data collection
  • Reporting – data democracy and self-serve data access / dashboards
  • Insight – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive modelling
  • Optimisation – AB and multivariate testing, personalisation & automation

You’ll leave the talk with an understanding of how the tools and methods discussed can be leveraged for both small businesses and large companies.

This talk is best suited for attendees who already have some knowledge of digital analytics, ranging from basic awareness to regular business uses of Google Analytics. If you consider yourself an advanced analyst or decision scientist, you’ll probably already be familiar with the content being covered in this talk.