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Victoria Olsina

Growth Marketer at Consensys

Victoria Olsina went from banking to crypto. She works at ConsenSys: the Ethereum startup incubator, as Growth Marketer. Previous to this Victoria worked for Barclays as a Search and Acquisition manager. She is a seasoned Digital Marketing professional and SEO consultant and speaker with over 8 years experience across 3 continents. Her main focus areas are SEO, Ecommerce, and Data Visualisation. Throughout her career, Victoria has developed and implemented digital marketing strategies for corporate clients such as Telecom, Lotto, Kathmandu, Citizen Watches and New Zealand Tourism.

Victoria Olsina's Talk:

'Page Speed Politics: How To Build A Business Case To Actually Get Sh*t Done'

2018 is the year of Page Speed – it’s one of the hottest topics in SEO conferences at the moment but…why is it so important? Besides being essential to creating a seamless visitor experience on your website, page speed is also a critical factor when it comes to ranking well on Google.

Most digital marketers and SEO teams recognise this importance and are willing to improve speed within their organisations. However, what’s important to the more digitally-inclined within a business isn’t necessarily top of the list for stakeholders. This means that implementing a page speed project can often become an infinite struggle!

In this session Victoria will share her learnings from building a successful business case for implementing page speed. You will learn:

– Why it’s important to improve page speed
– The best ways to measure page speed
– Which are the metrics that matter
– What the commercial benefits are of improving page speed
– How to coordinate work with other teams
– The importance of governance and reporting