Tiffany Maddox

Tiff Maddox

Creative Lead at Rubber Republic

Tiffany is a writer and creative lead at Rubber Republic, an award winning content studio specialising in creating highly shareable video that earns its audience. She started life as a YouTube creator but made the leap into branded content six years ago. She has worked across all elements of social video including overseeing the strategy, creative and production for brands such as eBay, Yorkshire Tea and Sky. To date, Tiffany has earned tens of millions of organic views, thousands of shares and countless pieces of top tier press coverage for her clients. She loves helping brands be brave, bold and beautiful and is passionate about good social video. Just don’t say the word ‘viral’ around her…

Tiff Maddox's Talk:

'5 Reasons Your Video Didn’t Go Viral'

More brands are choosing to invest in video as a key part of their social strategy but it doesn’t always deliver on those expectations. Sadly there’s no magic formula to creating a piece of shareable video, but there’s plenty of data, experience and intuition that can help us understand why some things work, and why other things don’t. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why your video isn’t hitting the mark yet but in this talk we’ll start with just 5 of them