James Mulvaney, Gertie Goddard and Jon Payne

The Team

Digital Marketing Marvels at Noisy Little Monkey

For the April 2018 conference, a trio of speakers from Noisy Little Monkey will give you the low down on their very best lead gen tips. Roll call!

Jon Payne (left) is Technical Director at Noisy Little Monkey. He set up the digital marketing agency to help stop businesses being burned by black-hat SEO tactics. Eight years on and the organisation has grown to a team of thirteen, all of whom work hard to improve the bottom line of their clients through services including SEO, Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Jon is a wizard with all things relating to technical SEO and has talked at events including Social Media Week and SMX London.

Gertie Goddard (centre) is an essential cog in the Noisy Little Monkey machine. As Digital Marketing Exec, she is responsible for developing and managing inbound marketing campaigns and strategies for clients. Gertie’s science degree means she LOVES interpreting data and analytics but she’s not just about the numbers; Gertie’s penchant for puns means she pulls together a mean email marketing campaign and social media post too. Away from the office, Gertie’s oft seen cycling around Bristol, trying to capture her next stunning shot of the city. In fact, one of her photos is currently being displayed in the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel – so, she’s kind of a big deal.

James Mulvaney (right) is Digital Marketing Executive at Noisy Little Monkey and he specialises in working with their B2B and legal services clients. In business speak, James creates and optimises inbound marketing campaigns that generate and nurture leads online. In Noisy Little Monkey speak, James makes boring stuff sound ? When not creating killer content, James is partial to a bit of climbing and watching Liverpool on the box #ladsladslads.

The Team's Talk:

'One Of Us: How Individual Personal Branding Brings Team Wins'

The people we trust online consistently drive reach and engagement to influence the products and services that we love. We value their expertise, we follow their news and we listen to their advice, no matter the platform.

But how do we get people like this to work with our brands? Well, chances are they’re already on your payroll. Because whether it’s a team of barristers or baristas, businesses that nurture individual personal branding within their teams are making gains.

In this talk you’ll learn how your team’s personal branding can support your broader marketing strategy, why it boosts organic reach and which tactics turn Likes into Leads.

The Team's Talk:

'Formula Won: A Crash Course In Nailing New Business'

Hold on to your hats! During this session, you’ll be whizzed through three lightning talks on how to drive more leads by experts from the Noisy Little Monkey team. Using best practice and real world examples, this session will give you 30 solid minutes of actionable tips to help you turn more of your leads into cold, hard sale$. Pit stops include: lead nurturing email workflows, how to optimise your landing pages, forms and calls-to-action, and why your sales strategy needs a reshape. It’s a whistle stop tour jam packed with takeaways so, come armed with pen and paper and fasten your seat belts – it could be a bumpy ride.