Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett

CEO at The Social Chain

24-year-old Steven Bartlett heads up a team of over 70 creatives in one of the most ground-breaking agencies to come out of the UK. Social Chain works with huge brands including Myprotein, Boohoo, ITV and Apple through crafting disruptive social media campaigns that can be reached by over 300 million people. From speaking at high profile events such as TEDx London, to expanding Social Chain into Germany and the US, Steven has established himself as one of the most exciting entrepreneurs of our time.

Steven Bartlett's Talk:

'Deeper Than Engagement'

Views, likes, retweets, shares, comments, they’re all ways in which we engage online. This is measurable, this is the industry norm, but what if there’s something more valuable and meaningful that determines the success of capturing an audience? Steven will discuss how going to a deeper level by making people ‘feel’ something is the real driving force behind engagement.