Stafford Sumner

Stafford Sumner

CEO at Jarrang

Stafford Sumner is founder and CEO of the UK’s leading independent email marketing agency, Jarrang.

An email marketing pioneer, Stafford started out on his own 15 years ago at the tender age of 24. He now runs a dynamic, hugely successful and – uniquely – platform agnostic email marketing agency, offering an unrivalled supported self-service product.

Jarrang’s sector experience spans ecommerce, hotel and hospitality, financial services and retail industries. With offices in Cornwall and London, and an international client base, Stafford and his team offer intelligent, bespoke email marketing services, ranging from strategy building to full project execution.

Stafford Sumner's Talk:

'Surf’s Up! How To Ride The GDPR Wave And Send Better Emails In The Process'

Give email marketing aficionado Stafford Sumner 20 minutes and he’ll give you the tools and knowhow to ride the GDPR wave and take your email marketing up a level. It’s a win win situation people.

Stafford will tell you why, when it comes to GDPR and email marketing, May 25th wasn’t the end – it was just the beginning. And an exciting one at that.

Stafford will describe the opportunities that GDPR provides for executing even better email marketing campaigns. He’ll also cover compliance and database rebuilding in this brave new world. And – not to be missed – Stafford will be sharing his top tips on sending kickass emails.

Whether you work as an in-house marketer, or with an agency that offers email marketing to its clients, Stafford’s talk is Not To Be Missed.