Nicola Payne

Nicola Payne

Managing Director at Noisy Little Monkey

Nicola is the Managing Director of Noisy Little Monkey and puts organisational structure around their creative chaos. She continues to develop their team of clever, motivated, interesting people to produce fantastic results for their clients. Prior to Noisy Little Monkey, Nicola worked as a senior manager in the Civil Service. She wrote bids and strategy papers for Government and was a champion for organisational change; this honed her ability to present complex ideas in understandable ways, to analyse data with a focus on measurable results and work with teams to deliver a high quality service. All of which come in useful at Noisy Little Monkey in one way or another. Her background and qualifications however are firmly in the world of marketing and communications having worked in the public and private sector as a fundraiser manager, advertising exec and in the marketing team of several well-known technology companies.

Nicola Payne's Talk:

'Make Friends And Influence People With Google Analytics'

Nicola’s talk at the inaugural Digital Gaggle conference helped delegates understand how to use Google Analytics data to improve their marketing.