Natasha Baldwin

Natasha Baldwin

Creative Director at Noisy Little Monkey

From her humble beginnings as a lowly intern at the renowned mass media company Condé Nast, Natasha has rightfully cemented herself as Creative Director at Noisy Little Monkey. Having performed almost every job, task & role imaginable in Online Marketing and Social Media, Tash still spends as much of her time on strategy and campaign creation as she does on curating and crafting tweets & content.

Natasha Baldwin's Talk:

'Mixed Messages And Why Bad Imagery Is Harming Your Brand'

Social Media is an incredibly capricious and fickle beast. With more and more emphasis being placed on visuals in day to day outreach it’s very easy to send the wrong message out to your audience. It also doesn’t help that even when your visuals are on point, that the social networks change so much your imagery gets cropped, cut up and poorly displayed.

Natasha’s talk won’t just list the do’s and don’ts of social imagery but she will take an introspective look at the way we communicate online, and the best ways in which to engage with your audience.

Looking at current trends, faux pas and successes Tash will highlight and give you actionable tips on how to future proof your online outreach + image design to stop you and your social media team from getting it wrong online.