Photo of Natalie Lam

Natalie Lam

Digital Marketing Manager at Natracare

With over 5 years of digital marketing experience under her belt, Natalie speaks social media like it’s her first language. She has proven success in driving exponential growth in social media engagement, website visits and online brand visibility. Currently at Natracare, Natalie plans and executes their online strategy, ensuring that the brand’s digital presence is growing and always relevant.

Natalie Lam's Talk:

'The Secrets To A Successful Influencer Campaign'

How do you ensure that your brand new influencer campaign is successful and, most importantly, doesn’t damage your brand’s reputation? Natalie Lam, Digital Marketing Manager at Natracare, will be sharing her tips for marketers who want to make the most of an influencer collaboration. From how to approach a partner to negotiating a budget, you’ll leave the webinar feeling inspired and with a notepad full of advice for turning your next campaign into a success story which drives real ROI.