Martin Warnes on stage at Digital Gaggle

Martin Warnes

Owner at Warnes Identity Co.

Martin Warnes of Warnes Identity Company is a visual & verbal brand identity specialist. Over 35 years Martin has been personally responsible for developing, creating and implementing – engaging, distinctive and successful brand identities – for more than 300 companies. These clients represent almost size and type of business – operating in nearly every region of the globe.

Martin Warnes's Talk:

'The Essentials Of Brand Identity'

In commerce –  a company’s reputation and its brand are the same – a brand is a combination of two.

1.brand image – is what people knowthink & feel about a company

2. brand identity – what people see – the graphic appearance and style of its brand

When a company’s brand identity mirrors the company’s brand image –  the brand’s image becomes more coherent, amplified and effective. Furthermore and importantly, because the brand identity message is visual, it enters the mind’s subconscious directly and instantly – without cognitive processing.

So in effect it delivers its impression, stealth-like, under-the-radar without being noticed. This makes brand identity an extremely powerful business tool.

Martin Warnes in his presentation – The Essentials of Brand Identity – will detail what is required for companies to create a successful brand identity. This information will enable any company, become: distinctive, better understood and have the tools to project a consistent brand identity and image.