Photo of James Whatley

James Whatley

Strategy Partner at Ogilvy UK

James Whatley is Strategy Partner at Ogilvy UK. His main area of focus is to help deliver digitally integrated campaigns that make brands matter. On top of his day-to-day, James is also the co-author of Ogilvy’s annual global key digital trends report and a keen industry commentator on the nuances of where innovation and advertising meet.

In his spare time James enjoys healthy obsessions with mobile technology, amazing cinema, and building rocket ships with his children. If you really like him, you can find more of his mutterings on Twitter, @Whatleydude, or subscribe to his weekly newsletter ‘Five things on Friday’.

James Whatley's Talk:

'Key Digital Trends: 2018 Review'

For the past five years, James has co-authored Ogilvy’s global Key Digital Trends report. Published in December every year, the first half of the report is a public marking of the last year of his own work split across several slides.

A month out of publication of the 2019 predictions, James will take us through the predictions Ogilvy made a year ago and how right (or wrong) those predictions were.

With cases, examples, evidence or lack thereof, James will leave you with actionable advice that you can take back to your business for those situations when someone asks you something stupid like, ‘What’s your Alexa strategy?’.