Photo of James Caig

James Caig

Head of Strategy at True Digital

James is head of strategy and provocateur-in-chief at True Digital, where he is responsible for strategy, CX, creative and media across clients such as Fuller’s, Npower and Sawday’s. He chairs APG West, a body that aims to facilitate better planning and strategy in the South West, and also sits on the APG committee nationally. He has 15 years experience leading strategy in media, creative and digital agencies, having helped public and private sector clients such as EE, Public Health England, Lloyds Bank, Kellogg’s and DfE Teacher Recruitment.

James Caig's Talk:

'Making Digital Marketing More Human'

As technology proliferates, making sure your brand still feels human can give you competitive advantage. But it’s not always easy. Digital marketing increasingly feels like it keeps customers at arm’s length, and as your business gets bigger it’s hard to maintain a personal touch. In this talk James will explore these challenges and propose some ways to keep your brand connecting with people as its world turns digital.