Holly Edwards

Holly Edwards

Digital Account Executive at Noisy Little Monkey

Holly has been at Noisy Little Monkey since January 2016, managing the social media accounts of some of their biggest clients. On a daily basis she’s involved in everything required to ensure social media success, from tweeting up a storm to working with social influencers. Holly and the Noisy Little Monkey team are no strangers to the sways of influential bloggers. Working with the likes of Niomi Smart (over 4.6m social media followers), Rhiannon Ashlee (over 327k followers) and some of the very best bloggers from Bristol. Recently she’s on a more content-centric role, both managing and creating fantastic content for clients across a variety of mediums. In short: what she doesn’t know about social media management isn’t worth knowing. (Just don’t ask her to work on anything to do with dogs, because she’ll just get too emotional.)

Holly Edwards's Talk:

'Size Doesn’t Matter: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Social Influencers Is Wrong'

Here’s a question – who would you trust more out of Kim Kardashian, Bradley Cooper, or your best friend? Answer’s obvious, right? It’s fair to say that we trust our Real Life Acquaintances more than we trust celebrities, which is why brands have been branching away from celebrity endorsement and into the realm of bloggers. But in the Zoella Era, are these big reach bloggers really any different from celebrities? Where do we draw the line? And if they are in the same league – who on Earth are we going to use instead?! This talk will give you actionable tips on how to find the right influencers for your brand, how to build a Black Book of Bloggers, and how to measure if it’s actually, you know, working.