A photo of Helen Pollitt

Helen Pollitt

SEO Team Manager at iTech Media

Helen manages an SEO team at iTech Media. She has a passion for teaching and training in SEO and digital analytics. Helen has over a decade’s experience working in digital and loves seeing sites benefit from great SEO strategy.

Helen Pollitt's Talk:

'Hold Up! Where Has My Organic Traffic Gone?'

A deep dive into how to diagnose organic traffic drops with your website and the SEO strategy you’ll need to develop to fix the problems. Takeaways will include easy processes for identifying what’s caused a traffic drop and the free/low cost tools you’ll need and how to use them.

Helen Pollitt's Talk:

'SEO For The Underdog'

In this session, Helen will reveal small budget SEO tips that can help you compete with the giants of your industry.

Takeaways include how to identify your giant competitors’ weaknesses, how to use your strengths against them and some practical advice on how to put together an SEO strategy that can get you to outrank the likes of Amazon.