Photo of Hannah Tempest

Hannah Tempest

Head of Mobile Experience at Nomensa

Hannah is the Head of Mobile Experience at Nomensa. She comes from a graphic design and app developing background, and is happiest when helping her team of UX/UI specialists create brilliant solutions. As a hands-on person, Hannah likes to apply Lean and pragmatic design practices to tricky UX problems that she wrestles through the GDS process daily.

She has an impressive roster of clients accumulated over 14-years in the sector; including multi-national organisations such as Maersk, Bang and Olufsen, Haymarket and other FTSE 100 companies. Hannah joined Nomensa as a Principal User Experience Consultant back in 2016 and has since become integral to the entire department.

She’s ardent about user-centric design and loves to talk about mobile enabled innovation projects. She recently held her own Guardian Masterclass on UCD and app strategy, and spoke at Manchester’s TalkUX event. Alongside her knack for public speaking, she’s well-versed in conducting interactive workshops and live prototyping sessions.

Hannah Tempest's Talk:

'The Struggle For Existence'

How might an idea’s lifecycle survive its environment where ideas compete “red in tooth and claw” for survival?

In this talk, Hannah will look at how nature and the adaptation of organisms can show us how digital landscapes are shaped by their technological environment.

Are there universal truths in biological systems that can help us in creating digital products that evolve with the ever changing digital economy? Hannah’s talk will explore where UX, design and technology can come together to create safe environments to allow fragile products to evolve and thrive in the wild.