Photo of Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose

Founder at Rise At Seven

Carrie Rose is the Founder and Creative Director of creative SEO agency Rise at Seven. She leads the creative content marketing and digital PR offering within the agency, working on viral PR and social media campaigns for brands in the UK, US and Europe. Carrie has won over 6 industry awards for her work and made the shortlist for Young Digital Marketer of the Year 2019.

Carrie Rose's Talk:

'How To Build Links That Drive Brand'

Outreach and link building used to be about getting links that helped with search rankings but today, SEOs are tasked with building links that drive traffic AND build brand value.

In her talk at Digital Gaggle, Carrie will reveal how she creates a strategy for clients that builds brand (with SEO at the very heart of it). Carrie will reveal her tips for building links that actually get clicked on, she’ll help you identify the types of publications you should be targeting and explain the metrics you should care more about.