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Social Media Week Bristol
Social Media Week returns to Bristol this year and Noisy Little Monkey are mega chuffed to be one of the sponsors! From 26th February…
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Meet Up January 2018 – Oh My GDPR!
Ahhh, May 25th 2018. It all seemed so far away. And now…. PANIC STATIONS – IT’S ONLY FIVE MONTHS TO GO UNTIL GDPR COMES…
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Meet Up October 2017 – 21st Century Persuasion: Digital Marketing That Works
This October, Noisy Little Monkey will be running a session in Bath (ooooh, exciting!) as part of the Bath Digital Festival. From 17th – 22nd…
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Meet Up June 2017 – Supercharging Google Analytics
Out of the box Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool. But, with a little bit of configuration you can supercharge it and…
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Meet Up May 2017 – Empower Your Audience To Become Your New Content Agency
Wouldn’t it be great if your audience could create your content for you and save you a boatload of time and resources? Well, they…
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Meet Up April 2017 – 10 Google Analytics Tips To Save You Money
We don’t know about you but using Google Analytics often makes us want to bang our heads against the wall. Fortunately, we’ve invited Phil Pearce…
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Meet Up February 2017 – Instagram Workshop With Jess Siggers
Using Instagram for your business is a weird thought, isn’t it? Surely it’s just pretty pictures and duck-face selfies, no? With over 500 million…
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Meet Up January 2017 – Video And Social Media Marketing For Dummies
Social media and video; it’s a hot topic this year and rightly so. In 2016 there’s been a gigantic rise in the amount of…
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Meet Up November 2016 – SMW Bristol: Dude, Where’s My Traffic?
This November, Social Media Week International (SMWi) hits the City of Bristol. To celebrate the occasion, the team behind Digital Gaggle have chosen to…
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Meet Up September 2016 – Helpfulpeeps: Persona Powwow
Do you struggle with writing content, composing tweets or knowing who you should be targeting? Then you need personas! Personas help you understand who…
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