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Out of the box Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool.

But, with a little bit of configuration you can supercharge it and gain more visibility than you thought possible – hurrah! Taking the reins on the June meet-up will be Jon Boon – Senior Analytics Consultant at SearchStar. He’ll be showing you how to take Google Analytics beyond the basic set up so that you can really get to grips with the ROI of your marketing activity.

What will you learn?

How to take Google Analytics beyond the basic setup:

  • Event Tracking – What are my visitors doing whilst they are on my site?
  • Custom Dimensions – How can I track the attributes that are relevant to my users?
  • Custom Reports – How can I create a report relevant to me?

How to use Google Analytics to calculate the ROI of your marketing activity:

  • ROI Analysis – How much profit did my digital channels generate?
  • Attribution modelling – What credit should I give to each channel

If you’re hoping for a super-technical explanation of Google Analytics full of Regex and custom Javascript, this isn’t the talk for you!