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Do you struggle with writing content, composing tweets or knowing who you should be targeting? Then you need personas!

Personas help you understand who your target audience is, what you should be writing and when you should post content for maximum reach. And what’s the best way of creating personas I hear you cry? By giving it a go! And that’s what we’re going to be doing in this month’s Digital Gaggle.
We’ll be leading you through a workshop of helpful tips and tricks for persona creating and then you’ll have the opportunity to create a real-life business persona for a new social network called Helpfulpeeps.

What will you learn?

  • the importance of creating personas for your business
  • how to create business personas from scratch
  • how you can use your personas to build into your online marketing strategy.

You’ll also get the chance to give feedback on the design of the Helpfulpeeps social network to help Saf (and his co-founder Simon Hills) make sure their customer journey is the best it can be.


Where is the new venue? The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer on King Street, Bristol. (There’s quite an impressive roof top terrace – weather permitting!)

What time should you get there? Thursday 15th September from 5.30pm. Food will be served at 6 and talk will start at 6.30. We should be all wrapped up by 8pm.

How much are tickets? Tickets are £13.01 which goes towards securing an awesome venue and making sure we can provide you with some tasty food and drink.