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  1. What are the ticket prices and release dates?
  2. I can’t see the agenda – why isn’t it live yet?
  3. Is this more expensive than last time?
  4. Why aren’t all the tickets the same price?
  5. What about those people that can’t afford it?

Ticket Prices + Release Dates

Here are the release dates and ticket prices for the Digital Gaggle conference on Thursday 19th September.

Ticket Type Release Dates + Times Price
Members Only
(exclusive access to email subscribers)
4th July @ 12.30pm – 17th July @ 12.30pm £49 +VAT
Super Early Bird 18th July @ 12.30pm – 7th August @ 12.30pm £64 +VAT
Early Bird 8th August @ 12.30pm – 28th August @ 12.30pm £79 +VAT
Final Release 29th August @ 12.30pm – 19th September @ 10.30am £99 +VAT

I can’t see the agenda – why isn’t it live yet?

There’s some exciting announcements in the pipeline and the agenda will be announced shortly.

Rest assured, the lineup is looking INCREDIBLE. And if you don’t believe us, you can check out previous speakers we’ve had here.

Previous speakers: Pukka Herbs, Yeo Valley, Lovehoney, HubSpot, Bristol Post, Just Eat, Microsoft, TruffleShuffle

Is this more expensive than last time?

If you’re a regular Gaggle goer, you’ll have noticed that prices have increased a little. This is because…

  • Venue costs have increased
  • We weren’t covering the cost per head of the conference

Lately, we’ve been overly-reliant on sponsor income to subsidise the event and continuing to do so does not future-proof its existence. We’ve remodelled the pricing so that it more accurately reflects the costs of putting on the Best Inbound Conference In The West (we just made that up, but it works, right?).

This rush for tickets really grinds my gears. Why aren’t all the tickets the same price? 

Tickets are sold in tiers because it helps us to better plan the event.

Knowing in advance how many people have committed to attending Digital Gaggle helps us MASSIVELY with planning. When tickets weren’t sold in this way, we’d get a surge in registrations in the days before the event which meant that tasks like ordering catering, booking out rooms, ordering badges, and so on became impossible.

So, when you help us by booking early, we say thanks by giving you a discount.

What about those people that can’t afford it?

Good question! 10% of Digital Gaggle tickets are given away – for free – to local charities that apply via a ballot.

On top of this, youth ambassadors from Babbasa receive free entry to the event. Babbasa is a Bristol-based social enterprise which empowers young people from ethnically diverse and less advantaged communities to find work or education opportunities so they feel inspired, supported and ready to fulfill their ambitions.

If you’re a client of Noisy Little Monkey, or a client of one the sponsors, you’ll also have access to discounted tickets. You can email a sponsor of whom you’re a client directly for the discount code (you might not get one, they go like hot cakes).