Conference Agenda - 05/10/2016

8.30am - 9.30am

Registration and networking

Register your arrival at the event and take the opportunity to network with fellow professionals before everything kicks off. Plus, you'll get a breakfast sarnie as part of your free ticket!

9.30am - 10am

James Caig - Making Digital Marketing More Human

As technology proliferates, making sure your brand still feels human can give you competitive advantage. But it’s not always easy. Digital marketing increasingly feels like it keeps customers at arm’s length, and as your business gets bigger it’s hard to maintain a personal touch. In this talk James will explore these challenges and propose some ways to keep your brand connecting with people as its world turns digital.

10am - 10.30am

Léonie Watson - Elementary, My Dear Watson

With a little help from the movies, Léonie Watson will consider why accessibility has a reputation problem, why it doesn’t have to be this way, and what you can do to revive your accessibility mojo!

10.30am - 11am

Jon Payne - From Stranger To Prospect...Capturing More Web Visitors And Converting More Of Them Into Leads

Acquiring new visitors to your website from Google and the various social channels which now exist is ever more difficult in today’s competitive marketplace. Jon will reveal the secrets from successful campaigns which have driven new traffic and converted leads into sales.

11am - 11.30am


11.30am - 12pm

Adam Babajee-Pycroft - Validating Ideas Fast With Remote User Research

Involving users in the design process is critical to digital success but how many times have you been told things like: we don’t have time, we can’t afford it, we’ll do it after the site is built. You needed to get the feature live yesterday, but there’s no reason that user research should suffer. The solution? Remote user research. In this talk Adam will share what he’s learnt having executed hundreds of hours of remote research on a variety of projects including: common mistakes and issues, how to find the right participants and the advantages of disadvantages of certain tools.

12pm - 12.30pm

Pat Wood - The Great TruffleShuffle UX Kerfuffle

Flashback 12 years and the website is a far cry from the version you’ll see today. Originally written in HTML (in Notepad!) after a drunken night out, Pat Wood’s e-commerce site has gone through four redesigns in 12 years and been A/B tested more times than you’ve had hot dinners. With a non-responsive website and most of his traffic coming from mobile, Pat knew he needed to improve the UX for his growing customer base. In his talk, Pat will take us on the TruffleShuffle journey and explain how, with the help of a Bristol-based Agency, he quickly became a UX convert.