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Jon Payne

Technical Director at Noisy Little Monkey

Jon is the (weird and) wonderful Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey. Based out of Bristol’s famous Tobacco Factory, Jon created Noisy Little Monkey to help support businesses that were being stung by black-hat SEO tactics. Ten years on and the agency has grown into a lively business which helps its clients deliver and perfect their digital marketing strategy.

The Noisy Little Monkey team work hard to improve the bottom line of their clients through services like: SEO, Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Jon is a wizard with all things relating to technical SEO and has talked at events including Social Media Week and Legalex. His talks will leave you feeling refreshed, motivated and you’ll (hopefully) leave with a smile on your face.

Jon Payne's Talk:

'Look Into My Eyes: How To Influence Buyers To Grow Your Profit'

Explore the tactics you can use to exert influence over your buyer in order to grow engagement and profit for your business.

In an age of analysis paralysis, Jon invites you to ditch the data and focus instead on the human condition. Join him as he reveals the secrets of how we all think fast (and slow) and learn about the psychological triggers you can deploy to improve conversion rates at every step of the marketing and sales process.

Whilst this session is accessible for anyone working in the marketing/sales industry, this talk is best suited for experienced marketing managers who are in charge of strategy and want to improve the number of qualified leads they deliver for their business.


Past Talks

Jon Payne's Talk:

'Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Social Media* (*But Were Afraid To Ask!)'

For marketing professionals who run social media channels for businesses. If this is you, you’ve probably been asked some really awkward questions by your boss. Chances are you’ll have asked yourself the following questions too; How do I increase engagement on my social channels? How do I successfully measure the ROI of my social activity? What works for companies like mine on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?

In this interactive session, Jon Payne (Director, Noisy Little Monkey) will answer those burning questions that you’ve always wanted to know about social media marketing but weren’t brave enough to ask (or felt like you should know already because you have social media in your job title!).

Submit your questions when registering for the event and you’ll have the opportunity to get them answered live on stage by Noisy Little Monkey’s very own agony aunt social media marketing expert. You’ll leave the talk armed with a ton of practical tips, fresh ideas and a list of resources to help you on your way to social media success.

Jon Payne's Talk:

'10 Things Google Hates About You'

The question every marketer’s boss asks at least once is “why does competitor X outrank us on Google for <generic search>?” In this fast paced and highly actionable talk, Jon will take you through 10 simple tests you can run on your website and that of your competitors to understand why they out-perform you on Google. Where there are gaps between your competitors and you, you’ll get tips on how to close the gaps and eventually overtake your competitors. Not only that but this talk will be filled with practical tips and tools to help you understand the steps you need to take to make your website more attractive to Google.

Jon Payne's Talk:

'From Stranger To Prospect – Capturing More Web Visitors And Converting More Of Them Into Customers'

Acquiring new visitors to your website from Google and the various social channels which now exist is ever more difficult in today’s competitive marketplace. Jon will reveal the secrets from successful campaigns which have driven new traffic and converted leads into sales.

Jon Payne's Talk:

'Local SEO – How To Drive Traffic From Maps And Mobile Devices'

Jon’s talk at the inaugural Digital Gaggle conference in 2014 focused on Local SEO. No need for a time machine – you can watch what he had to say right here!