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Conference March 2016 – The Future Of Search

Bringing together the best creative digital marketing minds in Bristol and the South West

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The March 2016 conference speakers entertained and enlightened the crowd about analytics, apps, local and mobile search, and how a family brand keeps its identity.

& more.

Last years Digital Buffet was probably the most exciting event of the year (yep, even bigger than Star Wars)

2015 saw a bucketload of talented speakers teach us all about content, branding, UX & social media. This year we’re looking at the other side of online marketing: search, analytics, apps.

Digital Buffet offers up a great opportunity for sole traders, in-house & agency marketeers to take a break from the office and not feel guilty in doing so. Upskill, digest and retain some up to date info & tips to take back to your boss and make your job that little bit easier. So come along, chow down on a load of valuable marketing morsels & meet some friendly like minded folk in our FREE half day conference.