Conference Agenda - 12/04/2018

11.45am - 1pmRegistration | Networking And Buffet Lunch
1pm - 1.15pmConference Kick Off | Introduction By Host
1.15pm - 1.45pm

Aisha Kellaway | Why Your Reputation And Credibility Is Essential To Driving Conversions (And How To Boost Them)

If your target market don't see you as credible, no amount of marketing or advertising is going to work. But how do you actively build your brands' credibility without it costing you a fortune? And how do you know what your users need to see to feel comfortable buying from you? Digital communications consultant, Aisha (aka Skippy) will be joining us to break credibility down for us. She'll tackle questions like: How do I tell what my website users are thinking? What types of credibility are there? How do I know what to write or put on my website to make people want my stuff? You'll leave with lots of practical tools and tips you can try out straight away, along with a checklist you can use to assess your own website to see how you're currently performing and find areas to improve.

1.45pm - 2.15pm

Jon Greenhalgh | How To Deliver Growth In The Most Efficient Way Possible

Jon is an expert in digital media and has been working on direct response and brand focussed clients across all sectors for over 10 years. His talk aims to educate on methods of understanding your audience in more detail and linking that audience with commercial knowledge of an organisation. This will help you to unlock the value of using in-depth audience data to maximise the benefit from conversion rate optimisation, digital media and content / PR.

2.15pm - 2.45pm

Noisy Little Monkey | Formula Won: A Crash Course In Nailing New Business

Hold on to your hats! During this session, you'll be whizzed through three lightning talks on how to drive more leads by experts from the Noisy Little Monkey team. Using best practice and real world examples, this session will give you 30 solid minutes of actionable tips to help you turn more of your leads into cold, hard sale$. Pit stops include: lead nurturing email workflows, how to optimise your landing pages, forms and calls-to-action, and why your sales strategy needs a reshape. It's a whistle stop tour jam packed with takeaways so, come armed with pen and paper and fasten your seat belts - it could be a bumpy ride.

2.45pm - 3.15pm

Break | Tea, Coffee, Cookies

We're based in the UK; if you think we're not stopping for 30 minutes to have a cup of tea and some biscuits then you're absolutely mad.

3.15pm - 3.45pm

Phil Nottingham | Using Video For Growth, Acquisition & Retention

Running through SEO, CRM, CRO and other acronyms as well, Phil will explain the creative and technical strategies marketers need to implement in the coming world where most online communication is video based.

3.45pm - 4.15pm

Joe Twyman | Making Numbers Count

In his talk, Joe will discuss the benefits of using and interpreting third party data for your marketing strategy. In today’s world, we have tremendous access to data. When leveraged in the right way, this information can be incredibly useful for marketers and business owners; it can help you pull together an informed picture of your customers or even help you benchmark success. Thing is, how do you know that the kinds of stats you find in surveys and news reports – or even data which you yourself have commissioned - can be trusted? After this session, you’ll leave with a checklist of actions to help you assess how to critically evaluate third party data and ensure that the stats you’re looking at are in anyway useful and meaningful.

4.15pm - 4.45pm

#AskMeAnything | Speaker Panel

Have you heard something from one of the talks which you'd like to delve a bit deeper into? Now is your chance to put your questions to the speakers directly! We'll be taking questions from the audience during the session and via Twitter using the #DigitalGaggleAMA hashtag.

4.45pm - 5pmConference Close | Wrapping Up And Tearful Goodbyes
5pm - late

After Party | Networking Drinks At Wild Beer

After a good few hours of solid concentrating, we think you lot deserve a free pint. Join us at Wild Beer for more networking with a drink courtesy of Branded3.