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Conference June 2014 – Brand Awareness and Site Traffic

At the inaugural Digital Gaggle the Speakers have been tasked with showing you how to drive brand awareness and/or web site visitor traffic.

Digital Gaggle is a set of talks by five seasoned professionals in the digital marketing / PR space, each of whom has been asked to give you actionable tips and tricks to make your marketing better.

We’re really excited about this, the first Digital Gaggle, as it is all about getting more visitors to your website. Future events will be about converting more of them to leads / sales and measuring success.


We’re all from Bristol or thereabouts so we’re not running it anywhere else and this will be the only opportunity you’ll ever have to hear this amazing line up in one place.

As it’s the first event we’ve ever run, it’s free. All you pay for are your drinks at the bar afterwards.

Come along to the Arnolfini, in Bristol’s harbourside on the afternoon of June 26th 2014 if you’d like to get some amazing tips on these topics: Social Media Marketing, Local Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords / Pay Per Click, Mobile Website Testing, or Pitching Your Business Story To A Journo.

With speakers from Microsoft, Bristol Post, Noisy Little Monkey and SearchStar you’re in for a feast of tasty tech tips and morsels of social media advice in this exciting industry.