Miracle Inameti

Miracle Inameti

Head of SEO at Erudite

Miracle is Head of SEO at Erudite and is armed with more than a decade of supporting small, national and global brands with technical SEO and data strategy. Miracle particularly enjoys coming across new technical problems and the constant evolution of the industry.

Miracle Inameti's Talk:

'Are Progressive Web Apps The Future Of The Web?'

This talk will take an in-depth look at progressive web apps (PWAs) as the immediate future of the mobile experience. Don’t be intimated by the technical sounding title, Miracle’s presentation will ease you into the key benefits of progressive web apps for your marketing.

If you’re a professional marketer looking to impress your boss with cutting edge digital marketing tactics that drive traffic and leads, this is the talk for you,

Miracle’s presentation will cover the key benefits of progressive web apps including: speed (fast loading every time regardless of network conditions), UX, and other significant performance enhancements too numerous to list here.

You’ll also learn about: the benefits of choosing PWAs, the core benefit of its multi-platform nature, the criterion of PWAs, and the tools you can use to audit your PWA.

Finally, if you have a WordPress site, you’ll be able to upgrade your site to a PWA.