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April 2019 Conference

Iliyana Stareva

Partner Program Manager at HubSpot

Photo of Iliyana Stareva

Iliyana Stareva is Global Partner Program Manager at HubSpot, where she plans and executes cross-functional change across global teams and drives a partner-first approach for company-wide initiatives. With a background in PR and agency business consulting she is the author of Inbound PR, Social Media and the Rebirth of PR and Social Media: Key for Sustainability Communications.

Iliyana Stareva's Talk:

'Getting Started With Inbound PR'

The world of PR is changing. It’s not just Marketing that’s gone Inbound, Public Relations has as well. PR needs a new model to deliver value in our interconnected, digital world. In this talk, you’ll learn why Inbound PR is that new model and:

• how you can implement Inbound PR in 8 simple steps
• how to develop your media personas
• how to define your media personas journey
• how to create a newsroom for your business that will drive leads