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Bristol Social Media Conference

The March 2017 conference has now passed but you can find the presentation slides and ‘top tips’ videos for each of the talks below – enjoy!

Tiffany Maddox

Tiff Maddox | Creative Lead at Rubber Republic


Tiffany is a writer and creative lead at Rubber Republic, an award winning content studio specialising in creating highly shareable video that earns its audience. She started life as a YouTube creator but made the leap into branded content six years ago. She has worked across all elements of social video including overseeing the strategy, creative and production for brands such as eBay, Yorkshire Tea and Sky. To date, Tiffany has earned tens of millions of organic views, thousands of shares and countless pieces of top tier press coverage for her clients. She loves helping brands be brave, bold and beautiful and is passionate about good social video. Just don’t say the word ‘viral’ around her…

About Tiff’s Talk: 5 Reasons Your Video Didn’t Go Viral

More brands are choosing to invest in video as a key part of their social strategy but it doesn’t always deliver on those expectations. Sadly there’s no magic formula to creating a piece of shareable video, but there’s plenty of data, experience and intuition that can help us understand why some things work, and why other things don’t. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why your video isn’t hitting the mark yet but in this talk we’ll start with just 5 of them. Watch the full talk video here.

Holly Edwards | Digital Account Executive


Holly has been at Noisy Little Monkey since January 2016, managing the social media accounts of some of their biggest clients. On a daily basis she’s involved in everything required to ensure social media success, from tweeting up a storm to working with social influencers. Holly and the Noisy Little Monkey team are no strangers to the sways of influential bloggers. Working with the likes of Niomi Smart (over 4.6m social media followers), Rhiannon Ashlee (over 327k followers) and some of the very best bloggers from Bristol. Recently she’s on a more content-centric role, both managing and creating fantastic content for clients across a variety of mediums. In short: what she doesn’t know about social media management isn’t worth knowing. (Just don’t ask her to work on anything to do with dogs, because she’ll just get too emotional.)

Holly Edwards
About Holly’s Talk: ‘Size Doesn’t Matter: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Social Influencers Is Wrong’


Here’s a question – who would you trust more out of Kim Kardashian, Bradley Cooper, or your best friend? Answer’s obvious, right? It’s fair to say that we trust our Real Life Acquaintances more than we trust celebrities, which is why brands have been branching away from celebrity endorsement and into the realm of bloggers. But in the Zoella Era, are these big reach bloggers really any different from celebrities? Where do we draw the line? And if they are in the same league – who on Earth are we going to use instead?! This talk will give you actionable tips on how to find the right influencers for your brand, how to build a Black Book of Bloggers, and how to measure if it’s actually, you know, working. Watch the full talk video here.

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett | CEO of Social Chain


24-year-old Steven Bartlett heads up a team of over 70 creatives in one of the most ground-breaking agencies to come out of the UK. Social Chain works with huge brands including Myprotein, Boohoo, ITV and Apple through crafting disruptive social media campaigns that can be reached by over 300 million people. From speaking at high profile events such as TEDx London, to expanding Social Chain into Germany and the US, Steven has established himself as one of the most exciting entrepreneurs of our time.

About Steven’s Talk: ‘Deeper Than Engagement’


Views, likes, retweets, shares, comments, they’re all ways in which we engage online. This is measurable, this is the industry norm, but what if there’s something more valuable and meaningful that determines the success of capturing an audience? Steven will discuss how going to a deeper level by making people ‘feel’ something is the real driving force behind engagement. Watch the full video of Steve’s talk here. 


Drew Benvie | Managing Director of Battenhall


Drew is founder of social media agency Battenhall. As a consultant, he has advised and represented corporations, global figures and brands worldwide including Google, the BBC, Red Bull and the Financial Times. Drew was named the UK’s most respected practitioner by New Media Age, was one of PR Week’s 29 under 29, is a member of the PR Power Book and he wrote the first Wikipedia page on social media back in 2006.

Drew Benvie
About Drew’s Talk: ‘How Are Messaging Apps Reinventing Social Media?’


As the world of messaging apps continues to disrupt the communications landscape, it is becoming ever more difficult for brands to engage their audiences organically. Content is now often shared privately, and messaging apps have changed how all mainstream social networks are being used by consumers and brands alike. Drew will explore case studies from FTSE 100s and consumer brands to show how you can stand out and innovate in today’s messaging media environment, and where the social media landscape will be going in 2017 and beyond. You can watch the full talk here. 


Lisa Myers

Lisa Myers | CEO at Verve Search


Lisa Myers is the CEO and Founder of Award Winning International SEO Agency; Verve Search, based in London, UK. Her agency won Best Small SEO Agency at the European Search Awards two years running in 2015 and 2016. Lisa has been working in Marketing since 2001, and within SEO since 2005. She is a regular speaker at Digital Marketing conferences worldwide, and contributes regularly to the digital marketing press. She’s a geek, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. She has “punch” and always finds a way of quoting Yoda. Lisa has won several industry awards and recognitions including; “Blackberry Women & Technology” 2008, 35 Women under 35 Management Today 2009, and “Search Personality of the Year” at the UK Search Awards 2011.

About Lisa’s Talk: ‘A Creative Mindset…Mind Over Matter’


Ideas and creativity are central to any marketing campaign, whether it is social media, advertising, or even SEO! Too many make the mistake of thinking that they are not creative, that campaigns that go viral are about money – think again! Creativity is a mindset, a belief that anything is possible. Lisa will be sharing examples of campaigns that generated significant reach and telling her story of how and WHY they were successful. Get ready for an inspirational session! Watch Lisa’s full talk here. 


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