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Digital Buffet 2015

2015’s Digital Buffet was an absolute corker with some expert talks on all things content, branding & social media

Sharon Tanton

The 3 Secrets Of Content Marketing Success


About the talk:

Over the last few years content marketing has gone from buzz word to bandwagon to full-scale juggernaught. Everyone is talking about it. But how do you make it work for you?


The content marketing arena has become so overwhelmed with a head spinning array of new products, metrics and advice that it’s easy to lose track of what it does best – help you develop a relationship with your ideal buyer. We’ve uncovered a fundamental content marketing mindset and set of behaviours shared by the businesses that succeed with this approach.


Sharon’s talk will explore the three secrets that successful content marketers share, so you can make it work for you.


About the speaker:

Sharon is Creative Director, chief wordsmith and trainer at Valuable Content.

Co-author of the Valuable Content Marketing book, she works as content director and lead writer for businesses. As an ex-English teacher, Sharon is a skilled trainer, committed to showing owners and marketers how to create exciting, stand out content.

Martin Warnes

Reputation / Brand ?


About the talk: 

In commerce –  a company’s reputation and its brand are the same – a brand is a combination of two.


1.brand image – is what people know,think & feel about a company


2. brand identity – what people see – the graphic appearance and style of its brand


When a company’s brand identity mirrors the company’s brand image –  the brand’s image becomes more coherent, amplified and effective. Furthermore and importantly, because the brand identity message is visual, it enters the mind’s subconscious directly and instantly – without cognitive processing.


So in effect it delivers its impression, stealth-like, under-the-radar without being noticed. This makes brand identity an extremely powerful business tool.


Martin Warnes in his presentation – The Essentials of Brand Identity – will detail what is required for companies to create a successful brand identity. This information will enable any company, become: distinctive, better understood and have the tools to project a consistent brand identity and image.


About the speaker:

Martin Warnes of Warnes Identity Company is a visual & verbal brand identity specialist. Over 35 years Martin has been personally responsible for developing, creating and implementing – engaging, distinctive and successful brand identities – for more than 300 companies. These clients represent almost size and type of business – operating in nearly every region of the globe.

natasha baldwin

Natasha Baldwin

Mixed Messages & Why Bad Imagery is Harming Your Brand


About the talk:

Social Media is an incredibly capricious and fickle beast. With more and more emphasis being placed on visuals in day to day outreach it’s very easy to send the wrong message out to your audience. It also doesn’t help that even when your visuals are on point, that the social networks change so much your imagery gets cropped, cut up and poorly displayed.


Natasha’s talk won’t just list the do’s and don’ts of social imagery but she will take an introspective look at the way we communicate online, and the best ways in which to engage with your audience.


Looking at current trends, faux pas and successes Tash will highlight and give you actionable tips on how to future proof your online outreach + image design to stop you and your social media team from getting it wrong online.


About the speaker:

From her humble beginnings as a lowly intern at the renowned mass media company Condé Nast, Natasha has rightfully cemented herself as Creative Director at Noisy Little Monkey. Having performed almost every job, task & role imaginable in Online Marketing and Social Media, Tash still spends as much of her time on strategy and campaign creation as she does on curating and crafting tweets & content.

Joe Tuckwell

Websites that win: refine don’t redesign


About the talk

Websites are typically launched with great fanfare, lots of back-slapping and high fives. After the excitement fades away, and everyone is busy with new projects, managing the website slips down the to-do list to the point where it no longer supports the business. Then someone has a bright idea: “let’s redesign the website”!

Joe Tuckwell will explain why we need to break this ‘redesign cycle’ in order to maximise the investment in any website. But how do we know which improvements to make and how can we measure the success of those changes? This talk introduces effective techniques and tools for optimising websites to win.


About the speaker

Joe Tuckwell, founder of Bath-based web design agency Moresoda, has designed and delivered websites for over 15 years. His ideas-led, results-obsessed approach has supported clients from international brands like Del Monte and Hewlett Packard to SMEs and start-ups. Joe understands the opportunities for brands online, the commercial realities businesses face and how they can best serve their needs through the smart use of digital strategy, design and technology.

David Sloly

How To Create An Authentic Story In 5 Steps


About the talk: 

Blurring the boundaries between inspiring talk and outcome-oriented workshop, David’s talks are focused on giving audiences actionable information. But as you would expect from a master storyteller, the journey is every bit as memorable as the destination.


David is currently promoting his third business book, Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It. The accompanying talk gives audiences an insight into how stories drive decision making and how businesses large and small use them to improve their fortunes. David then leads his audience on a journey through his unique 5- step process that will enable everyone in the audience to be able to quickly create their own authentic stories.


About the speaker:

David studied journalism with the BBC, where he learnt the art of finding and telling other people’s stories. He later created content for MTV and Virgin before joining Kiss FM, where he used the power of storytelling to capture the imagination of the youth market. The content went viral, the audience tripled and David won numerous awards including a Gold Sony Academy Award, a MOBO and being voted in the top 5 most influential radio programmes by Guardian readers.


In 2001, David moved into advertising and marketing. He took a role at an international agency and worked across global brands including Microsoft, Google, 3M and Dell, again picking up major industry awards including the B2B Marketing Campaign of The Year Award. He was later promoted to executive creative director, where he led the agency’s approach to storytelling.


In 2014, David joined forces with Harvey Steed and together they formed HarveyDavid, a B2B marketing communications agency that provides marketing automation strategy and implementation, content creation, and social media management.